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How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Child

The bed and mattress are very important when it comes to quality sleep and proper development of your child. Some people think that sleeping is a waste of time, but it’s not like that. In fact, sleeping is an important process that results in refreshment and renewal of both spirit and body.


How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Child


According to some researche studies, the average man spends around one-third of his life sleeping and it is logical that we choose a bed that is comfortable and suitable for the body. Choosing the right mattress for your child is especially important.


The quality of the bed and mattress is crucial for quality sleep and a healthy spine of your child. With the recent advances in technology and science, we can now choose from a variety of high quality beds and mattresses that were designed by experts in this field.


Of course, this doesn’t mean that every mattress is good for you or your child. You should be especially careful when you are looking to purchase a mattress for your child. Proper development of young children requires soft mattresses, preferably made of natural latex and a solid foundation that will provide proper support for the child’s spine.


The bed should ensure proper development of the spine. Nowadays, the foundations of most beds are made of trellis or full wood and you don’t have to worry about that. You need to focus on the mattress itself.


When we talk about the type of core that is used for these mattresses there are a few types like – spring, latex or memory foam. The type of core usually determines the price of the mattress. The ideal mattress should be 8 inches longer than the height of the person that is using it. The ideal width for an adult is 35 to 39 inches, and 31 inches for children. Older children should sleep in longer, wider and lower beds. If the child has to sleep in a pull out bed, consider it as a provisional solution because it is important that children sleep in a regular bed.


The mattress should be used as a support for the heavier parts of the body like the shoulders and hips. When we lie down, the spine should have the same form as when we are standing up.


As for mattresses for babies, you should know that space between the edge of the crib and the mattress is not allowed. The mattress should not be too hard or too soft. Baby mattresses are usually much thinner than those of adults, because the baby has little weight. As the child grows and develops, the mattress should be changed.


In recent years, most mattresses have been designed with a core of natural latex, as well as those made in a combination of latex and core with micro springs. Both types are anti-allergenic and typically have a cover made of 100% cotton. Mattresses with a latex core provide air flow and they are very elastic. If your child is prone to allergies, you should know that these mattresses are made for children like that. Usually, mattresses that have a core of natural latex are anti-allergenic. 



Tips for Buying a New Mattress

All of us know by now that the way we sleep has a large impact on the energy we accumulate for the next day. And since we all want to be relaxed when we wake up, it's recommended that we buy a good mattress that provides us with a good night's sleep.


Tips for Buying a New Mattress


In this article, we will try to cover a few things you need to do/be on the lookout for when you want to buy a new mattress. Be aware though that, just like any other purchase, you must read a lot of documentation and find out which type of mattress is right for you.


Once you have done a little research, it's a good idea to go to your doctor. Your doctor will perform an examination of your current spinal condition and give you some advice on what you need to take into account when buying a new mattress. This is important, as you're buying the mattress to improve the way you sleep and your life, so it's crucial to make the right decision from the start.


Most of the time, you will have to choose between firm or hard mattresses. Based on expert opinion, the best mattress is one that provides firm support and which also brings a comfortable feel. 


If you are thinking about buying a mattress, you should also ask about money-back guarantees. This is a great option that not many mattress manufacturers provide, but which helps you a lot if you buy a mattress that you don't feel comfortable with after using it a few days. With this option, you can send the mattress back and they will send you a new one that matches your needs.


While shopping, also check the warranty provided by the manufacturer. A good mattress should always provide between 7-12 years of warranty, which will automatically tell you that this is a great product. Warranty may also increase the price a little bit in some cases, so be sure to check your budget beforehand. If you have an adjustable bed, you must make sure that the mattress you are going to buy is suitable for such an environment.


You should try and check all options and variations. After performing doing some research, you can find out what type of mattress is actually good for you. Before going shopping though, make sure that you have a budget alloted just for this purchase. 


As you can see, buying the right mattress can do wonders for your life, allowing you to rest a lot better and live your life to the fullest. In order to do that though, you must pay a lot of attention when making the initial purchase. With good research and a little dedication you will find the best mattress in no time, and you can go on and enjoy a better life.

Top Medical Mattresses

A medical mattress prevents blood and body fluids from flowing inside the inner core of the mattress. They are water-resistant, water-proof and water-repellent. However, if not chosen wisely, they may lose their effectiveness over time. Large ranges of medical mattresses are available on the market these days with varying uses and diverse benefits. Below is the list of top medical mattresses across the globe, which will help you select the right one for yourself and for your loved ones.


Top Medical Mattresses


1. Shackletons Single Medical Mattress
This single medical mattress is manufactured with medical grade foam of 40kg/m³ density. It gives a comfortable, soothing and pressure free place to sleep. Shackle tons mattresses reduces the pressure across the body and the risk of developing ulcers and pressure sores.


2. Medical Alternating Air Loss Pressure Mattress with Tilting Function
Air Loss Pressure Mattresses are ideal for use in hospitals as well as homes and are designed for the prevention and treatment of Pressure Ulcers. This mattress is also able to operate in alternating pressure mode.


3. Medipur Crystal Therapy Mattress
It is the world's most advanced, intelligent and medical-certified mattress or sleeping system, designed to provide extraordinary benefits. It ensures that one-third of your life spent sleeping on this mattress will prove to be the most relaxing, safest and rejuvenating experience for you. Constructed using silver ion technology, which prevents harmful bacteria and creates a fresh and hygienic sleeping environment for you. Medipur is an insect repelling and micro-organism resistant mattress that will also prevent dust and bed from entering into your sleeping surface.


4. Roscoe Medical Genesis 8" Alternating Pressure Pump and Low Air Loss Mattress
This mattress features a bubble pad which provides superior therapeutic treatment and also has different valves which provide a pathway for air to be released from the mattress, allowing alternating pressure pump and low air loss.


5. BANTEX Medical Health Pressure Bed Therapy Bubble Cell Mattress
Probably the most advance and high-tech quality medical mattress of the present time. It includes amazing features like a light on/off switch, purely designed to make the patient comfortable during their stay in the hospital. 


This mattress is categorized as an advanced Pulmonary Therapy low air loss mattress. Stryker is innovative with low air loss properties. It has automatic rotation control functionalities that allow the patient to turn without staff’s assistance. It is capable of reducing physical injuries and pain and treats pressure ulcer and circulatory problems with customized rotation therapy. It also has adjustable beat intensity and duration per second that are available while utilizing customized rotation. Modern touch screen interface technology provides advanced functionality like data history of therapy and can be attached to any side of this medical bed. 


7. 15876 Gravity 7 Long Term Care Pressure Redistribution Mattress by Drive Medical
Pressure Redistribution Mattress that is made of multi-layered, high density foam which ensures optimal pressure redistribution for patient, with long lasting effect. The top layer of high density foam is quite resilient, providing comfort and proper pressure redistribution. 


8. Drive Medical 15019 Therapeutic 5-Zone Support Mattress
5-Zone Support Mattress has a highly resilient foam base which provides individualized comfort and support. It is durable, waterproof and reduces friction. 

Enjoy Style with Comfort

Value your dreams by having state of the art comfort. A comfortable mattress is all that you need to help get rid of the daily exhaustion. It will serve as a major ingredient in making you feel relaxed and recover the energy that you had lost through the day. A comfortable mattress will not only provide maximum comfort but will also help you maintain healthy posture of your body, giving utmost peace and harmony whenever you lay down on it.


Enjoy Style with Comfort


If a person sleeps at the wrong angle due to an irregular or uncomfortable mattress, it might result in hurting and painful cramps that could last for days. When it comes to peace, the choice of the mattress forms the basic foundation that can get you away from the tiring day to a dream which looks both real and beautiful. So the choice of having a comfortable mattress is as essential as the air you breathe. In order to stay active and healthy, use a mattress that is both comfortable and good for your physical body. The following are two types of the most commonly used mattresses these days:

Innerspring Mattress
The innerspring mattress consists of springs with foam and fibers. These springs provide maximum support to the foams and fibers. These specially crafted springs support the fiber and foams to give a distinct shape to the foam. However, it does not matter what the quantity of the coils is, but what really matters is the shape of the foam, as it provides the best support to the body. The number of coils varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and it also depends on the size of the mattress. With unique construction of the coil, the comfort level is maximized.
Water Bed
In old age, mostly for paralyzed or bedridden people, it is important for them that their bodies should keep on moving so as to avoid bed sores. However, for a bedridden person it’s hard and in some cases
impossible to change direction and thus a water bed in that case can save the day. A water bed thus provides continuous vibration in the body that prevents the body from growing numb or getting bed sores.
Even after having a comfortable and support guaranteed mattress, the million dollar question that is likely to pop into a person’s mind is when to replace the mattress. Changing mattresses is as important as changing your bed sheets, though the changing in the case of your mattress is not so frequent. However, it should be done right on time when the need arises. When the mattress is being used for more than the required time and has even started to dip-in that means it is time to change it instantly. Since, dipping in the mattress can make for restless sleep, it is very important that you check your mattress regularly.
Enjoy Style with Comfort
A rough or rigid mattress can cause your body prolonged pains, especially back pains, causing sores that can also result in a wound. Moreover, if you don’t receive a healthy amount of sleep your body ages quickly and also your mind becomes weak. Sleep basically regenerates human cells and cell regeneration is a vital ingredient for a healthy life.

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