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Should You Recycle Your Old Mattress?

Having a great mattress can be nice, but no matter how good it is, the reality is that you do need to change the mattress once a few years in order to keep it clean. A dirty mattress can also be very bad for your health, so keeping your mattress clean is a necessity at all times.






You can easily recycle the contents of your mattress, because the metal springs, cotton, foam and wood are very easy to recycle. In fact, you can go to a charity organization and hand them your mattress, but most of the time you will need to drop the mattress at a designated location.


Believe it or not, but around 40 million mattresses are disposed of each year in the whole US, so it’s crucial to make sure that you recycle it, because this does help you when it comes to saving the environment.


It’s important to note that many companies you bought a mattress from actually have a take back program that will come in handy. Of course, the mattress recycling programs are quite limited in the US, but thankfully more and more companies are interested in getting the parts from old mattresses in order to create new programs, and this actually became a great business for many people.


At the same time, good information would be that there are quite a lot of thrift stores out there that actually accept mattresses for resale, so it might be a very good idea to go there in order to gain some money and let someone else reuse the mattress.


Around 90% of your mattress can be recycled, so there are lots of places where you can go before actually throwing it in the dumpster. The steel coils can make you money if you visit the recycling center, so you can talk with the center and see what materials they take, and take your mattress apart at home if you want.


However, it’s important to note that the mattresses are quite difficult to disassemble most of the time, because they are created with sturdiness and professionalism in mind. There are numerous guides to help you do this, if you want.


In the end, is it a good idea to recycle your mattress? If you stand and think for a little bit, you will soon realize that with an increase in the world population, more and more waste can be found, so it’s a good idea to recycle and contribute in any way you can to this. Rest assured that as little as you do leads to a great result in the end. So yes, recycling your mattress is a very good idea, and it’s something that we would actually recommend you to do at all time, as you can sometimes gain some money out of that as well!

How To Sleep In The Summer Heat

Can you imagine yourself sleeping in a hot temperature and wake up all sweaty? It doesn’t even sound good. How can one sleep without keeping their comfort zone maintained?





We can take many measures to keep our room cool and prevent heat and high temperature by a couple of ways. We can keep our windows open, and let fresh air pass, during day time we can use blinds or thick curtains to keep the sunlight out and also we can keep the windows closed during day time.



Now days, there are certain paints which you can use to keep your walls cool, ultimately which lowers the temperature of your room. You can also make sure construction of your house is done in a way, that the room where are you are supposed to sleep is somewhere where heat doesn’t fall directly.



All these factors combine can help you give a comfortable temperature to sleep well at night. Also choice of the fabric of your bed sheet can make a big difference, for instance the cotton fabric isn’t always suitable in hot temperatures. The Egyptians used to damp a sheet or a towel in cold water and used it as a blanket.


Even turning off the lights helps lowering the temperature of the room. Apart from these methods of lowering the temperature, mattress choice is very important.



Even your mattress can help you save from the excessive heat in summers. There are mattresses in Serta brand, they are made of gel foam, and they have a cooling effect and can prevent the sleeper from heat of the temperature. A gel foam mattress is very comfortable, soft and it keeps you cool the whole night.



People’s reviews after buying gel foam mattresses have been very satisfactory. Almost all the customers agreed to the fact that they had a cooling effect and heat preventing plus point in them.



Sleeping well at night can keep you fresh the next day, and not sleeping well can have the opposite effect on you. It’s better to look for a gel foam mattress and prevent heat rather than staying awake whole night or sleeping and waking up all sweaty and not fresh. 

How To Get A Peaceful Night's Sleep

Getting a quiet refreshing good night sleep is something you can do with ease. If you want to have a beautiful night sleep that you have been missing for a while; you may need to follow the following steps:




Sleep Before Midnight


The human body has been designed to rest whenever there is pitch darkness. It has been also designed to wake up when the sun is up. If you lack sleep in the darkness, your reticular brain system (Sleep and wake) becomes confused.


You suddenly start feeling tired and have problems when it comes the time to sleep. To bring back the reticular system in working order, make sure you try sleeping before the clock strikes 12am. Preferably try going to bed at ten o’clock at night.


You will finally set up your body system to sleep rather well.


No Food After Eight Oclock At Night


Never eat food after 8pm. Reason being; eating after eight will not let the whole amount you eat digest properly as the digestive system is only active for a few hours.


The instant you go to bed, your metabolism slows down. Your energy is used all up as you sleep, and this causes you to have a restless night. It makes you wake up feeling exhausted and fatigued. To help you have a good night sleep resist eating after 8pm.


Get Rid Of Electronic Devices From Your Bedroom


As you sleep, you should see to it that you switch off and put away all electric devices. Reason being; electronic devices emit waves (electromagnetic) that are likely to disturb your brain patterns. The disturbance causes nightmares and hence why you do not have a peaceful sleep.


Warm Shower


Right before you turn in to sleep; see to it that you have a warm long shower. Warm water soothes your body, healing sores as well as helps you calm down. When you finally retire to bed, you will be able to sleep peacefully.







Sleep Is Crucial For Your Memory

As we all know, sleeping has a lot of health benefit for our body, but one of the thing that it does is that it allows our brain to get the much needed rest after a day in which it functions all the time. In addition to that though, sleep is also important when it comes to creating and maintaining our memory.





Memory is a cognitive process in which we keep things such as learning, our personal experiences and recognition. Memory is basically formed by the brain, and it’s kept within the synapses that connect together in order to associate stimuli. Long term maintenance for your memories can take from minutes to years, while the process of encoding stimuli is done within a few seconds.


How does sleep affect memory though? As we said, sleeping is very important for allowing the stimuli to be encoded, and this is why the more sleep you get, the better the result.


If you don’t sleep enough, you can get into sleep deprivation and this can bring a ton of bad things for your body. First of all, the lack of sleep will make it much harder for you to learn or even focus efficiently, which means that the memory is affected in a bad way right from the start. Without sleep, focusing on the matter at hand is very hard, as we will be tired all the time, and our brain won’t be functioning at its prime. This means bad results when it comes to remembering stuff and focusing on the matter at hand.


In addition to that, your body does need sleep in order to consolidate the memory so that it can be recalled in the future. It’s very important to allow the memory to stick to the brain in order to be efficient, and this is something that only you can do by sleeping as much time as possible.


Lack of sleep has a universal bad effect when it comes to the memory that you have, but depending on the memory type the situation can be even worse. For example, there are memories which are fact based, while others are episodic. As expected, the fact based ones are the worst you can forget, because these usually relate to your job and personal knowledge, so this is something you need to continually learn and develop rather than lose.


The process of getting memories is constantly tied to the processing power that your brain has, so the less you sleep, the lower concentration capabilities you will achieve. From acquisition to consolidation and recall, all of these are very important and without them you can have quite a lot of problems.


Alongside sharpening your mind, sleep also allows you to obtain better motor skills, physical reflexes and judgment. Combined with the better memory patterns, these clearly show how important sleep really is for our body, and because of that you do need to create a sleep schedule then stick to it in order to get the best possible results in the end!

5 Things You Should Do Before Going To Bed

There are so many things that people need to do before they get to their bed at night. But, there are so many people who tend to follow not even single things of them before they go to their sleep. Good habits are really very important for the people for getting fine and quality sleep at night. However, some of the most important things that the people need to know and do every night before going to their beds include:



1. Exercise:


Exercise is one of the most important things that people should do every day before going to bed. Making the habit of doing exercise daily helps people a lot in making a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is actually one of the most things that provide positive results to the health. This is the reason why it is considered one good thing to do before going to bed.


2. Enjoy hot bath:


Taking hot shower is one of the best things to go for before going to bed every night. The hot or steamed bath actually helps people a lot in relaxing the stress out of their body. This is the reason why so many people have a habit of bathing a night before going to the bed.


3. Drink water:


Drinking plenty of water help people getting quality sleep every night and this is the reason why so many doctors also recommend their patients to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water regularly. People should make a habit of drinking as much water, so that they can make a healthy routine.


4. Read a book:


Making a habit of reading books is another best thing that people should try to create. Books help these people a lot in enhancing their knowledge as well as lighting up their mind, so that they can sleep better at night and on proper time.


5. Prepare the bed:


Preparing the bed properly with the fine, neat bedsheet and clean blanket help people a lot to get quality sleep at night. This is the reason why so many people have this amazing habit of preparing their beds at night.

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