The Origin


This mattress is made by Serta which is the largest manufacturing company in the United States. They have been around since 1933 and have succeeded in being the leading manufacturers of comfortable mattresses. The product is mainly made of memory foam; which contours to the body to give support. For the iComfort, this has 6-inch foam base with a gel infused memory foam and regular memory foam for added comfort.


Comparison with other Brands


Because it is the leading brand of comfort mattresses, the customer satisfaction level is 76% in comparison to the other brands, while overall with all other memory foam brand mattresses there is an 80% customer satisfaction rate. Serta iComfort corners at least ¾ of the market in customer satisfaction. Its capacity to support all the major pressure points on the body allows for a comfortable sleep experience. The support allows the sleeper to experience no back pain, because of the firmness of the mattress. This is good news as some mattresses provide minimally no support for back pain sufferers while this unique brand is able to make this claim. There are many options of varying degrees of firmness to choose from, but if you are in the market for a softer or less firm mattress, then the iComfort is not for you. 


Motion isolation is the selling point on memory foam mattresses and is indeed so for this mattress. Movement is not a problem for couples as you are able to do so and not disturb your partner at any time. Though this may be a good thing, the age, ability or disability of the user needs to be taken into consideration. If you are a sickly person, movement like getting out of bed maybe a difficulty, so this kind of mattress may not be ideal for you; this is because of its rigidity to movement; though there may be a plus for the elderly as it prevents the person from rolling off the bed because of the edge support.


Off gassing which is the chemical odor from a new mattress, is also another customer concern and the Serta iComfort has won in this regard. The off gassing is about 6% from customer reviews while overall all memory foam mattresses combined has a 15% off-gassing concern.


Heavier weight person like 200 pounds and above are guaranteed to benefit from this comfort foam mattress as it will contour to their frame and provide adequate support. The firmness is able to provide the needed support and not have you waking to back pains which other mattresses seems to give.


Caring for the Seria iComfort


It is recommended to not flip this mattress as it is designed for one-sided use. It can be rotated from head to foot every few months and after about twice per year. This mattress is considered a good buy as it has A-Plus rating and is approved by the BBB Better Business Bureau. Overall customer satisfactions is above 70% in its ratings, and let us face it they are all manmade products so they are not perfect, but the Serta iComfort is considered a good buy.