For a very long time now people grew under the impression that the moon as well as the daily activities and dietary habits have a major effect on the amount of sleep that we get and its quality. A number of scientists tried to put this to the test and the results were astonishing to say the least.






The moon patterns and activities have a major role in the way we sleep, and when there’s full moon, we will immediately start feeling the results. Experiments have shown that when full moon appears, the brain activity that relates to sleep has actually dropped with around 30%, and as if that wasn’t enough, a person takes more than 5 minutes to fall asleep and the sleep time decreases with half an hour. You can immediately see what these problems can do if you go to sleep late at night when you see a full moon outside.


Studies have shown that the melatonin in our body peaks during the night and when there’s full moon, the results can be even easier to see. Other than that, we can’t find any other things that suggest a connection between the moon cycle and our sleep, but even this is enough to see that there is indeed a relation between the two, and thus we need to be extra careful in regards to what happens and the results.


Full moon doesn’t affect the body directly instead it manages to make the hormones and mind reacts for it. We aren’t able to concentrate that well, and in top of that with full moon it’s even harder to control these habits, and these can lead to a wide range of problems unfortunately. But it’s clear that what happens is not by chance, and because of that we need to take extra care by controlling our sleep patterns and consuming a great diet that will compliment the lack of sleep during full moon.


In the end, it’s all about keeping the lunar influence under control. Of course, the moon does manage to reduce the amount of sleep that we get, but other than that it doesn’t manage to bring us anything that will influence our body in a negative way, and because of that it will be much easier to just let this go at some point.


To sum up, the moon does affect our sleep patterns and it does show us that our body is very sensible and numerous things can disturb its sleeping pattern. This is why we need to protect it and perfect a sleep pattern that we respect to the letter. Only in such a situation we can be sure that even if the moon starts affecting our sleep, it won’t damage it that much!