During our life, we need to keep a balance between things, and that can definitely be said about sleeping as well. You have to maintain a good balance when you sleep because you will fall either in the sleep deprivation side or oversleeping side, each one having its own consequences.




Don’t think that because you sleep more your body will feel better. In fact, according to numerous US scientists, people that sleep too much have a lot of stuff to face, some of which might not be exactly the best to begin with!


It seems that people sleeping too much have to deal with strokes. This is indeed a very bad thing because such problems can lead to numerous heart problems and sometimes even death.


There are many things that might lead to this, but in many situations it’s the necessity that our body has for rest which will cause this. Yes, we need to rest, but the optimal resting time is around 7-8 hours, because our organs are designed to function normally the other 17 hours of the day. This is why, by oversleeping, you will directly interfere with the overall body cycle and this will, of course, cause problems that you might not want to have in the first place.


The condition can appear on literally any person, so it doesn’t really matter the age, you just need to make sure that you have a proper sleeping schedule in order to avoid any issues that might appear!


The stroke chances will be at around 14% for those persons that oversleep. People that sleep only 5-6 hours will just have a 6% chance of getting a stroke, which is way less, as you can see. This is why oversleeping is very bad for the human body, as it can trigger some very bad conditions that you could avoid in the first place.


But oversleeping tends to be linked to other stuff as well aside from strokes. In fact, it seems that it can be a cause for obesity and diabetes as well, or at least one of the deciding factors. On the other hand, lack of sleep can also cause such problems as well, so it’s important to have a good, pre-determined sleeping schedule that you follow to the letter.


The main idea here is simple, while it seems like a good idea in the moment, oversleeping isn’t good at all, instead it brings numerous risks and some very bad results. Just try to avoid sleeping too much and instead embrace physical activity, you will be impressed with the results for sure! Overall, it’s not how much you sleep that matters, it’s the sleep quality, so create your own schedule and the results will soon follow!