Although there are numerous differences from a physical standpoint, the reality is that dogs and humans are pretty much alike when it comes to sleeping. We want to get as much activity done during the day, when we have a lot of energy, but as time passes we need to go to sleep and rest our body.





A similar thing happen to dogs, but the difference here comes from the fact that while a human has 4-5 cycles of REM and stage sleep, a dog can have around 20 that happen all day and night, not only during the night like in the case of humans. Dogs have a segmented sleep that allows them to sleep for shorter periods of time, but this helps them because they always are in alert mode at all times, so they can easily wake up.


When compared, people have longer sleep patterns and these are much harder to interrupt. This is one thing that we can learn from dogs, and that’s the fact we should try and sleep for multiple times during the day and night with shorter periods, as this will keep us more alert. This is a problem that could be solved easily, unfortunately due to various issues, this is quite hard to do, and that is definitely a downside in this regard.


Another thing to learn is the ability to sleep more often. People tend to think that sleeping once during the night is enough, but in order to be alert and cope with the numerous issues that we have to deal with nowadays, being able to sleep multiple times during the day or night might be helpful. Historians actually suggest that before the industrial revolution people actually did have such a schedule, but after that period, people started to spend more time getting work done instead of doing something else, and this did hurt them a lot in the long run.


Dogs are constantly willing to come down, and this means that they will immediately go to sleep whenever they want. This constant sense of alert is what people miss, and because of that we just have this unique sleep pattern that many of us feel as being inefficient.


Inserting a behavior similar to the ones that dogs have in regards to sleep can provide us with much better results, both at work and at home. We all get tired because we work a lot without stopping, but how would it be if we stopped working and just slept for a little bit? Yes, it would be much better, and this is definitely something that we need to learn from dogs. Stopping the mundane bed time cycle and sprucing it up is an essential thing to do, but acquiring this can be quite hard, this is why we need to study the sleeping pattern of dogs, as they have a much more interesting sleep pattern that might help us a lot in the long run!